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Exclusive Team Building endeavours to provide the widest Team Building selection available in Switzerland. We are not just a portal or a platform. We offer an end to end Team Build solution with an exceptionally wide range of professional facilitators. We offer co-ordination and management from conception to completion. Including any catering, beverage, decor, design or logistics requirements you may have in tandem to the Team Building activity. Our portfolio includes perfectly paired locations for your Team Building requirements. Team Building is defined as a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. Team Building is often mis-interpreted as being passé or cliched, however if it is implemented correctly it is the most important investment you can make for your company’s culture and people. It takes your teams, beyond the office, out of their comfort zones and normality. We offer structured and unstructured activities, formal and informal – our diverse portfolio addresses specific needs and achieves measurable outcomes as well as simply providing high energy events that will engage and energise participants. Whether you require skills development, collective intelligence, cohesion, recreational activity or strategic innovation – we can provide you with a solution. If we don’t have one – we’ll source one.

At Exclusive Bars we aspire to offer the widest assortment of mobile bars available for hire in Switzerland. We offer both fully serviced bar hire as well as bar equipment dry hire. Each mobile bar is staffed and stocked according to your specific requirements and needs. So you can book the entire solution with us, or only the equipment, or only the staff or only the products.

All combinations are possible. Your mobile bar and menu will always be tailored to your specific theme or occasion to ensure a seamless look and feel at your event. We have extremely high standards at Exclusive Bars and pride ourselves in impeccable service; high quality equipment; fresh local produce; a local and international selection of wines, spirits and beverages; professionally trained bartenders, baristas and chefs and an end product your guests will be sure to remember.

Our passionate, enthusiastic and talented team has over 17 years of experience in the field. At Exclusive Team Building – our philosophy is that, if executed correctly, Team Building should build trust, mitigate conflict, encourage communication and increase collaboration.

The Exclusive Team Building portfolio offers experiences which: • Promote creativity and lateral thought • Break barriers • Motivate • Encourage understanding • Improve performance • Develop problem solving skills • Challenge teams beyond mediocrity • Unleash unknown or expected synergies • Combine fun and learning based outcomes • Engender collaboration • Stimulate social responsibility and sustainability.

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